partner with cardiologist

Advantages of working with Stat! Cardiologist:

Besides providing excellent cardiology care, we work very hard to help our partners achieve business goals.  We work with other health care companies (including hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, home health) to deliver unique services to their patients and to help grow their business.  We have programs in place that can help you:

  • Tap into additional markets to gain referrals (useful for Nursing Homes, Residential Facilities, Home Health Services).
  • Reducing Hospital Readmission rates leading to lower costs (very useful for Hospitals that could benefit by saving millions).
  • Expanding your current offering of services to include additional cardiac services (leading to increased revenue)
  • Increased patient retention / increased satisfaction.

Give us a call to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you succeed and increase your market share and quality.