Heart Stent

Heart Stent is an mesh of wiring that is implanted as part of an interventional procedure done to treat a heart attack or to treat a narrowed heart blood vessel that is causing the patient to have symptoms of chest pain or shortness of breath.

Heart stents (or coronary stents) have other names including PTCA.  Sometimes, no stents are used and a simple balloon dilation (a balloon angioplasty) may be performed to treat a heart attack.  A coronary angiogram (a procedure to see if any heart blockages exist) is typically first done.

There are different types of heart stents but the two main types are Drug Eluting and Bare Metal.  Each one is used in different circumstances.  So, if you are planning to have a surgery soon then a bare metal stent may be a better options.

We develop keen relationships with the highest rated interventional cardiologists at top hospitals including Lutheran General Hospital (in park ridge, IL) and also at Elmhurst Hopital (in Elmhurst, IL).  We ensure that procedures like this are done only when necessary and that they are done as promptly as possible.

We can arrange to have this procedure done at little or no cost and accept most insurances.