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If you are looking for the Best Cardiologist in Park Ridge, IL, feel free to contact us. Appointments can be set up on the same day with the Best Cardiologist. We are conveniently located next to Lutheran general hospital in the Parkside building:
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Stress Echo

The stress Echo, also known as stress Echocardiography, is a test to determine the working of the heart and the blood vessels.


Nuclear Cardiology

Nuclear Cardiology is nuclear cardiac imaging used to determine the adequacy of blood flow to the heart muscle during stress versus rest.


Cardiac MRI

A Cardiac MRI is a safe, non-invasive, and painless method to get the internal picture of the heart without any surgical incision.


EKG Reading

Don’t know if an electrocardiogram you have may be an infarct or ischemia. Unclear if the computer read the diagnosis correctly or is over-reading


Pacemaker Implantation

Patients suffering from certain heart rhythm disorders and heart failure may benefit from cardiac implantable electronic devices,



Echocardiography (EK-o-kar-de-OG-rah-fee) is a painless procedure that creates a moving picture of your heart using sound waves.