stress testing

Are you experiencing any chest pains? Not sure what it is. There are many causes for having chest pains (may be musculoskeletal pain, anxiety related, or blockages in the blood vessels that supply the heart).

With stress testing, we can try to determine if the pain is heart related.

There are many different protocol used with stress testing. A commonly used protocol is called the Bruce protocol. This method has been validated for decades. You walk/jog on a treadmill in increasing speed and incline in stages of 3 minutes. The test is terminated if you are no longer able to proceed. While the test is ongoing, an electrocardiogram is recording activity in your heart. If you experience pain with exertion, this pain can be replicated and oftentimes changes on the electrocardiogram can be seen that will suggest blood flow problems with the heart.

A regular treadmill stress test such as the one described above can often be combined with other modalities such as echocardiogram and nuclear to provide more information using images.