stat EKG reading service

Don’t know if an electrocardiogram you have in front of you may be an infarct or ischemia? Unclear if the computer read the diagnosis correctly or is over-reading or under-reading. Let us relieve your anxiety and also your liability!

Leveraging technology to provide electrocardiogram reads:

As part of our dedication to prompt service, Stat! Cardiologist Inc offers instant EKG reading service to our partners. You will be given instructions on how to send EKG (multiple options including cell phone, fax) do this in a HIPPA compliant way. We are actively in the process developing a mobile application that you can download on your phone to also do this.

We provide prompt service:
At even major hospitals it can take at least several minutes to reach a cardiologist to read an EKG. If you are nursing home, urgent care, or a rehab facility in Chicago suburbs without a cardiologist on call 24/7, you simply cannot have the ECG read on time. If you do not have a cardiologist available to you on call (which is costly), you may be relying on inexperienced providers or physicians that may miss diagnosis or oftentimes the computer read (which is often incorrect). Most electrocardiograms we read are read within minutes!

Key benefits:
*Get electrocardiograms read within minutes
*We can arrange this service for free to you!
*Reduce your liability
*Reduce medical errors

We are the only company in the world that is able to provide this service in the way we deliver it at very little or no cost.